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Seriously though, thank you to all the men and women who serve our country. Very big thanks to those who carried out the operation that took out Bin Laden.
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I'm a slacker

Ohmehgosh! I've been slacking on posting any entries. I feel so bad, but honestly not much goes on that I feel warrants any posting.

I guess I can start with my most recent purchase for myself. I bought an Amazon Kindle. It wasn't even on the top of my list of most wanted gadgets. Go figure. I considered myself a purist when it comes to reading. I love the feel and smell of books, but I find the Kindle just perfect. And I've found so many free and cheap ebooks, that I've got a pretty good start on the amount of books on it. Over 70 so far, and I've only had it for a little over a month. The freebie books have been the public domain classics, which is perfect when my mood requires a little Jane Austin. But I've also found some pretty good cheap ones. I read one called Hollowland by Amanda Hocking. I liked it a lot. I can also download some games. I got a word one that I play quite often. I do recommend the Kindle if you want an ebook reader, but I played with the B&N Nook too, and liked that as well.

I got a Acer netbook last week. That was near the top of the list for wanted gadgets. My dad bought it for me. My old laptops power jack died, so I've been without a portable computer. The laptop is fixable and is going to my 7 year old niece. I like the netbook so far. I like being able to slip it into my purse.

Still waiting for the new phone and switch to AT&T. They keep moving it back. Now it looks like April they will come. Still unsure of the whole thing.

Not much else to speak of. Hopefully I'll have more to write about later. Bye.
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Utter Fail!

I was so writer's blocked Friday that I just had to give up for that day. Got maybe 1000 words written. *sigh*

Since I've never linked it before here is my NaNoWriMo profile.

Today, I had a long shift at work and managed to squeeze out over 2,000 words, so yay. Still at least 10000 words behind, but not too bad.

14195 / 50000

Not giving up yet though. Friday night, after I gave up for the day, I sat in bed with a notebook and began making an itty bitty outline of how I wanted the story to go. I would have tried out that outline on Saturday, but I had to take my grandma shopping, which turned out to be a shopping day of hell. Oh yeah. My favorite niece hates me now. It actually got me majorly down when that happened. No way was I going to write then.

Today there was hope on the writing front. I opened the notebook to the outline (which really isn't an outline, just a bunch of ideas scattered but, eh)and looked at the first thing I had written down. I sat, thought some, and then, words flowed. It was so awesome!

Got rid of my six foot Christmas tree. I offered it to my parents and they took it. They even already put it up. lol But it's nice. They recently repainted the family/living room, so it's all nice and fresh. They went from a trendy 10 years ago blue to a very sophisticated taupe, with an accent wall that is a shade of pink, but not an in your face pink. When I saw that one wet, it gave me a nervous tic because it was Pepto Bismal pink when wet (which apparently scared my dad too), but when it dried and cured it darkened a lot. It looks really nice.

This Friday, I intend to make lefse. I'm going to try a new recipe using potato flakes instead of fresh potatoes. I really hate peeling, and I need to find something that is easier. I even invested in a lefse griddle, which nicely enough came with some recipes, including the one I'm going to try. I have brought it up with various relatives and friends and they find nothing wrong with trying it. If I don't like it, well, off I will go to the store and buy russets.
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Dreamer Luna

I Can Do It!

Yeah, right! NaNoWriMo update:
11011 / 50000

I have to write at least 9000 words Friday to be all caught up. My plans are to steal my parents laptop, truck on over to the coffee shop and take over a booth there. It may work out better than being at home with all its distractions.

Fortunately I have Friday and Saturday off. Unfortunately, I have to work Monday. Monday there is a school choral and band concert. My favorite niece has a vocal solo. I'm going to miss my favorite niece's vocal solo. That sucks!

If I can get my word count up Friday, then I am going to reward myself by going out of town for a little shopping Saturday. My grandma needs a few things, so it will work out well.

After several nice days, it is starting to get chilly here in NW Minnesota. I was so enjoying the 60 degree days. *sigh*

Was a little ticked Tuesday. I had to restore my iPod to factory settings. Lost everything. There was quite a bit of stuff on there that I no longer had. I always meant to get a program to get the stuff of there, but never got around to it. But I am looking at the bright side of things. I need to go through my mp3s and delete some of the corrupted ones. That's going to be a chore, because I have thousands from way back during the original Napster days. I think it will be good though. Get rid of things I don't really listen to and all that. It did suck losing some movies that were on the iPod, but then I remembered I work at a convenience store that rents out dvds. The ones I lost are at the store. Problem solved.

Bye for now.
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor


I think I'm catching myself a little cold. I've been run down lately, and actually slept very late on Saturday. I took some Alka Seltzer Plus, which, my goodness, I swear is the best stuff for quick relief. At least I was able to get through work, and I managed to eek out quite a bit of my NaNoWriMo Story. See:

7762 / 50000

I was very please with how much I wrote while at work. I don't really have much time to make up words this week, but next weekend I have off, so I'll be hoping to play catch up. Until then, I will try my best to at least reach the daily word goal so I don't fall to far behind.
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I had such a good start to my NaNoWriMo project. I was so near where I should be word count wise, then yesterday, bam! I did not want to look at the story. I hope that I can get somewhere with it tonight. There is a big football game out of town, so I am hoping that the store will be slow. I might be able to make up some lost time.
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Itsa me!

Boy, about time I update with actual content.

We will start with my grandma. Way back in April I posted that a lump was found in her breast. Well, the bad news was that it was cancerous tissue. The very good news is that the doctor removed the whole mass. Several months later and her tests and scans continue to be normal. She is still in very good health for her age.

Not much happened over the summer. I did take some time off from work and went camping for several days. I took my cat MewMew with so she would not be stuck at home with my other cats. We found out that she hates camping. At one point, I was getting some firewood from out of the cab of the camper. I did not know that she was laying in between the seat and the door. When I opened the door, she fell out and ran under the camper. Took me five minutes to finally get to her and get her back inside. Next summer, I'll leave her at home.

My gaming computer is still running smoothly. I would still like to add a bit more RAM and get an even better video card, but so far it's working just fine for the games I've installed. My laptop is another story. The part where you plug in the charger is all goofed up, so I need to get that repaired, but I need to get money first.

In January, I will be, against my wishes, an AT&T customer. They bought pieces of Alltel from Verizon. One of those pieces is the area I live. So we all get new phones for free, or we can pay for upgrades. I'm just going with the freebie for now. I will be getting that phone mid January. It's just a messaging phone. A Pantech Link. I want to get a Droid sometime in the future, but again, I need to get money first.

After a two year break, I am attempting NaNoWriMo again. So far, I'm nearly on target for the daily goals. I have Thursday off, so I can hopefully get myself a bit ahead. I have the story on a little usb stick so I can write at work as well. I installed AbiWord on the pc at work so I have a word processor there with word count. I have no idea where my story is headed, but I'm honestly liking it so far. It might see some edits and revisions after NaNoWriMo is done. I might even let people read it. Miracles happen.

I also made a decision for the short term. This journal is the only journal I have right now. I have my domain forwarding to here. I say it's short term, but it may be long term. I don't know just yet. It actually took a load off me to go down to just my LJ. I plan to get my Rogue mood theme back up and running on the journal. I know I need to start working on gathering all my social network links up on here. I just got to find time first.

Well, that's really all for now. I hope to update a bit more often. Talk to you all later.
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