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It's been a long time

Hello! I know it's been about 7 months since my last post. Not much has gone on this year, which could actually be considered a good thing.

Woke up with a splitting headache this morning. Really was a doozy, since it pretty much kept me in bed until about 5 pm. Just brutal. Managed to get up to go to work, and have begun to feel a little better, though there is still a bit of a throbbing in my left temple.

Still into wrestling. Don't know why it's kept a stranglehold on me. I guess it may just be the little girl in me who fell for the business back in the mid eighties. Still big on Christian. We went to the WWE live event back in January. It was fun, even with Christian not being there (he was out with a severe high ankle sprain and torn ligaments). I actually stopped watching most of the shows because he was out. Would watch the ppvs just in case he came back. He finally returned full time in May, so all is good in my wrestling world.

Done a bit of camping this summer. I've gone 3 times, and will be going again this weekend. It will probably my last camp of the season, but at least I got to go and relax those few times.

I'm real proud of my niece. She got her first job. She's doing housekeeping part time at the motel here in town. She's really happy to making some of her own money, as are her parents. She's already bought a few clothing items for school with her first paycheck. The little goth in me covets an awesome spider web blouse she bought. I can't wait to see her wear it.

I've managed to hit just a few rummage sales this summer. Went one day to Grand Forks with my sister and mom. I hit the jackpot at one. Found a gazelle exerciser and a yoga mat. Cost me $17. Then went to another one and found a pair of framed prints in excellent condition. Original sticker was still on them. They were originally $120 and I got them for $20. They look great in my living room.

Sadly, my parents 3 year old cat, Patches, passed away last month from cancer. She was a lovely little thing and we miss here.

Well, talk to you all again real soon. Bye.

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