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Boy, about time I update with actual content.

We will start with my grandma. Way back in April I posted that a lump was found in her breast. Well, the bad news was that it was cancerous tissue. The very good news is that the doctor removed the whole mass. Several months later and her tests and scans continue to be normal. She is still in very good health for her age.

Not much happened over the summer. I did take some time off from work and went camping for several days. I took my cat MewMew with so she would not be stuck at home with my other cats. We found out that she hates camping. At one point, I was getting some firewood from out of the cab of the camper. I did not know that she was laying in between the seat and the door. When I opened the door, she fell out and ran under the camper. Took me five minutes to finally get to her and get her back inside. Next summer, I'll leave her at home.

My gaming computer is still running smoothly. I would still like to add a bit more RAM and get an even better video card, but so far it's working just fine for the games I've installed. My laptop is another story. The part where you plug in the charger is all goofed up, so I need to get that repaired, but I need to get money first.

In January, I will be, against my wishes, an AT&T customer. They bought pieces of Alltel from Verizon. One of those pieces is the area I live. So we all get new phones for free, or we can pay for upgrades. I'm just going with the freebie for now. I will be getting that phone mid January. It's just a messaging phone. A Pantech Link. I want to get a Droid sometime in the future, but again, I need to get money first.

After a two year break, I am attempting NaNoWriMo again. So far, I'm nearly on target for the daily goals. I have Thursday off, so I can hopefully get myself a bit ahead. I have the story on a little usb stick so I can write at work as well. I installed AbiWord on the pc at work so I have a word processor there with word count. I have no idea where my story is headed, but I'm honestly liking it so far. It might see some edits and revisions after NaNoWriMo is done. I might even let people read it. Miracles happen.

I also made a decision for the short term. This journal is the only journal I have right now. I have my domain forwarding to here. I say it's short term, but it may be long term. I don't know just yet. It actually took a load off me to go down to just my LJ. I plan to get my Rogue mood theme back up and running on the journal. I know I need to start working on gathering all my social network links up on here. I just got to find time first.

Well, that's really all for now. I hope to update a bit more often. Talk to you all later.

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