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Sweet, spring seems to have arrived!

Spring has arrived, and of course the Red River decided to pitch a fit and rise. Not as bad this year as last, thankfully. The days have been pretty nice, if a bit windy. we could use maybe a little rain to clean off the winter residue, but I'll prefer for that to wait until the mud dries. There's a nice shoe print out in the parking that I made when my foot decided to sink a good 3 inches. My poor shoe.

The last time I made an entry, I was looking at building my own budget gaming pc. That pc is now running. Beautifully. Silently. I think I may marry it. I love it so. Well, maybe not marry it, but we are not going to be separating anytime soon. I've always wanted a very good computer, and I think I got that. Windows 7 has been a dream of an os. I thought XP was a good os, but Vista was crapware. My poor laptop. Maybe I should save up and buy another copy of 7 to put on that. The new computer has really made me happy when I play games now. I can put WoW on the best settings. I didn't know how beautiful that game is until now, and I've been playing it for nearly 3 years (holy cow).

I recently made a Steam account. First game I downloaded was Torchlight. It was only $5 at the time, though that offer ended and it's back to $19.99. But I would have payed the full price if I knew that game was a good as it is. Thin story, but the game play and graphics are great. It's an rpg dungeon crawler in the vein of Diablo. I've had hours of fun so far, and my nephew even tried it and is going to ask my brother in law if he can get it. I hope to download more games whenever I can afford them.

My parents finally got an RV. I found one on Craigslist that fit my dad's criteria. It's a 1976 Dodge. Not sure what it's called. It's a 24 footer. Definitely 70s, but the seller had recently done some work on the inside. The floor is most certainly not 70s. It seems to run well for it's age. We don't plan to take it far anyway. The farthest it may go is Itasca State Park, which is only 2 hours or so away. I get to take it for a week, and that's where I want to go. Itasca has wi-fi in certain areas.

Salem, the newest member of my family, got neutered last week. He seems to have taken very well to not having working parts. The vet did discover he had ear mites. She took care of them, and I bought the drops to put in my other cats ears. Luckily, MewMew was all clear. She refuses to let Salem near her, so that is probably why. Crookshanks seemed to have a small problem in his ears, so I put the solution in. Not to hard of a problem to solve. Of course, he got them. He and Salem play and sleep with each other.

Well, time to go. It's getting late, and I'm yawning quite a bit right now. Bye!
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