Bobbi (roguechick) wrote,

It's been a while.

Looked at the blog and realized I haven't posted anything since November. Life has been most busy for me, but not busy enough to write exciting tales about it.

So first, I'll start with most recent news. I got a new dining table Thursday. Well, it's more of a pub style table with two padded stools that tuck under it. It's counter high and small, which is something I had been looking for in a dining table. I love it so far. I had been looking at another pub style one at the same store. The one I chose is rustic, but all straight lines, while the other was quite modern. But I didn't like the stools. They weren't padded and when I sat on them I slid around too much. Padded seats FTW.

January 1 of this new year found my dad starting his retirement. He has worked since the age of 11 or so. For the last 36 years, he worked at American Crystal, which makes sugar. So far, he and my mom have not killed each other. My dad's stress level has gone down dramatically. He's even smoking less. Still would like to see him quit, but a pack over two days is better than the pack and a half a day he was smoking. The main thing going on for them right now is that they still have custody of two of my youngest sister's children. The third one is back with her. They hope to be free of custody before summer.

As I posted early last winter, I took in a cat that I named Blizz. Blizz no longer lives here. I had to get rid of him last summer after he attacked my other cats, my nieces and nephews and then me. All unprovoked. He was a beautiful cat and was nice up until the summer, but I don't know what happened to trigger his sudden aggressiveness. I know MewMew has attacked before, but she had done so when Crookshanks would frighten her in some way, and she has calmed down, or at least just goes as far away from visitors as possible and ignores them.

But, I got another cat just before Thanksgiving. My niece's best friend found a starving and hurt kitten. She couldn't keep him, but they didn't want to toss her out. They called me first, and I said no. They tried my mom, who said no as well. Then they were going to try my aunt. I said yes when I heard that. My aunt already has a houseful of animals. She has four beagles and one cat. I don't think the kitten could have handled that. So to describe him, he's all black with few white hairs on his neck. My niece and her friend named him Salem, after Sabrina the Teenages Witch's cat. He no longer is starving. He's got a good belly on him now, and his injuries are healed. I think he got in a fight with a larger animal. I do need to get him fixed when I get the funds. I think with my income tax return. But Crookshanks likes him a lot. At least that's what I assume since he insists on licking and cuddling him. MewMew just tries to ignore him. She's such an antisocial little thing, isn't she. :D

I should talk about Christmas. We had a major snowstorm/blizzard Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Dumper nearly two feet of snow on us. It didn't totally ruin Christmas, but we couldn't get over to my grandma's to get her and my younger sister and family (except for her two older children, who walked to my place, but they spent the night afterwards) were completely snowbound since they live on a dead end street that saw no traffic to make tracks. My youngest sister made it, as did my uncle, who had come to town a day early. They managed to walk to a more driven though street to meet my dad. Driving around town was a miserable experience. My parents van got stuck numerous times. My dad and I bagged up gifts for my grandma and my mom made up a plate of food for her. Dad and I parked in front of the hardware store on the highway (thank goodness the highway dept. had been out) and then we walked the remaining two blocks, through drifts of snow, to bring her the stuff. She was surprised to see us. But we believed she needed a Christmas meal on Christmas day. My poor dad had to take a nitro for his heart when we got home. He just exerted himself too much. I managed to get my sister and uncle to her house. Well, I actually got a block away and they ended up walking the rest. I stayed as best I could in tracks made by other vehicles so I wouldn't get stuck. Still managed to get stuck when I got near home, but just backed up and sped my way through.

Works been going well. Next month will be interesting though. My boss goes on vacation, but two of my coworkers are also planning vacations around the same time. If that happens, I will be the one in charge. Normally, when the boss goes vacation, we split duties. I still have the biggest load, but they do the daytime stuff. Taking money to the bank, getting change, dealing with the sales people. It's not completely certain that both coworkers are going at the same time. I don't mind A going. But if D goes, that would suck. She's my partner in keeping the store running smoothly during that time.

I didn't participate in NaNoWriMo last November. Didn't have time. I was okay with that. Still am. I really want to work on some stuff I've already written.

Working on D's laptop. It's having a bit of a malware problem that I found. It's called Windows Vista. :D

This entry is getting quite long, so I'm going to end here. Hopefully, I will update more often than last year. Bye for now.

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