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Favorite Sci-Fi movies

I was just at ExtraLife, and Scott Johnson had created a little list of his favorite sci-fi movies after seeing District 9 (which I want to see so very much along with Moon). It got me to thinking of my favorite sci-fi movies.

Now, I love sci-fi. I fell into being a fan of the genre back in 83-85 with the miniseries V and watching the anime Robotech. I’d seen the original Star Trek series, but wasn’t what you would call a fan. That didn’t happen until Star Trek the Next Generation. :D

1. Blade Runner – This one is probably on nearly every sci-fi fan list. I first saw it when I was going through a Harrison Ford movie binge. The only copy the rental counter at the grocery store had was the original theatrical cut. I didn’t think much of it. Then my sister and brother in law bought me the director’s cut for Christmas a few years later. So much better. Instantly had me. I now own the final cut and all the other versions from the nice set that came out a few years ago.

2. Galaxy Quest – Yes, I know it’s a comedy. Yes, I know it’s send up of all things sci-fi geek. But darn it is funny with just a great cast that works.

3. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension – Cheesy, campy and makes absolutely no sense. Discovered it when I was home sick from school on HBO. I’ve watched it when not under the influence of cold meds too. Either way works. :D

4. Star Wars Trilogy – Can’t have a proper list without Star Wars. A New Hope was great. The Empire Strikes Back was better. The Return of the Jedi was good. The nice thing about Star Wars is that it’s a great way to introduce new people to sci-fi.

5. Star Trek – And I mean the reboot version from this year. I love the Star Trek family of movies and tv shows, but this movie just kicked it up several notches.

6. Stargate – I don’t think the movie gets as much love as the series. But it’s good. Honest. And I love me some Kurt Russel being all macho.

7. Contact – This one is bit more thinking man’s sci-fi in my opinion. It really makes a person question a lot of things, that’s for sure.

I’m sure I’ll come back to this list as my mind rolls over the subject longer.

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