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Weekend is here

And it starts out badly.

It started with the death of the 3 year old daughter of a girl my younger sister went to school with.  She died yesterday morning at home.  And then, there was the death of the father of my youngest sister's best friend last night.  He was only a year older than my mom.

My heart and thoughts go out to both families.

At least the weather is getting nice.

So of course, I come down with a flu bug.  On my weekend off.

I need to clean house.  Guess I'll take it easy tonight and try to get better.  I can clean tomorrow.

Starting my diet tomorrow, which should be a good start when I'm sick.  I don't eat much when I'm sick.

My younger sister and her husband are going out on a date tonight.  They are going for dinner and a movie.  I have no idea where they are eating, but I do know that they are going to see My Bloody Valentine 3-D.  Not my idea of a date movie (I can't stand horror movies), but to each their own.

Got grapefruit and light yogurt in my fridge.  I wonder which one I'm going to have now.


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