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Insurance companies

I loathe them as of today. I was in a bit of an accident last Monday. I was northbound on the street near my home when I got hit by an elderly man who was backing out by the post office. I was right upon him when he pulled out, so it was unavoidable. He claimed responsibility, but his insurance company is being a bitch about it. The deputy who came to fill out the report could see it wasn't my fault. The damage isn't even that expensive. I got an estimate the very next day for $663. I find it odd, because I dealt with this insurance company before for a car I had 12 years ago. Someone backed into my parked car and damaged the driver side door. It was quick and easy. Now it's like pulling teeth. This company has had some lawsuits against them in the very recent past. Does Katrina ring a bell? I hope they get the stick out of their ass and open those fat wallets soon.


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