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Why hello and how are you?

Boy, it's been awhile since I last blogged. Nothing much has happened in my life. No new computer or dryer, but I'm still hunting for a bargain. The local hardware store is now selling appliances, so I may just get the dryer in town here. It may cost more, but not by much really. The computer is still on the back burner. I need the dryer first.

I had a miserable 4th of July weekend. I had to work on the 4th, and then got sick on the 5th. I also got rear ended at a red light that day. No one was hurt and neither vehicle got damaged, which was good. But it sure got the blood pumping and my heart did start beating again after a few moments. :D The next day I nearly smashed into the side of a car that went through a stop. I found out that my driving reflexes are actually quite good as I managed to maneuver around and avoid the collision. But I still called the other driver a few names as he kept driving on.

Thursday night I had to go rescue my sister and her friend and all their respective children after my sister got a flat tire. My parents have a mini van that seat 7, but that night I had 11 people in the van. And of course, that would be the night that there would actually b a highway cop on that road. Normally there are no cops on that road. And of course I would be speeding. I got lucky and only got a warning, but I was very much stressed. I'm glad that week got over with.

My mom's bite injury has healed quite nicely. There's still a slight scar, but not too bad.

We got the county fair coming in a few weeks. Nothing to exciting this year, except they are having a rodeo for the first time. I am actually going to go. I've never been to a rodeo, so I think why not go. The fair doesn't hold that much interest for me anymore, but the rodeo peeked my interest. My niece will also be performing with her dance class during the fair, so I've got to go to that as well.

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