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So much stuff

I am uploading to my new host right now. I forgot how much stuff I had on the old host.

Kicking myself for deciding against going to a writers conference last night. Salman Rushdie was speaking. It would have been so interesting. *sigh*

Spring refuses to show itself. The cold is getting annoying.

Haven't had a day off since the weekend before last. I really need the weekend to come.

Haven't played WoW since Sunday. Honestly, it feels pretty good. I'm going to wait until the weekend to play.

Got a new haircut. It's pretty cute.

Oh, and had a visit from the sheriff's department. I sold some items to a kid, who in turn made a bomb with some friends. Science is an amazing thing when placed in the right hands. These kids are just stupid and now face felony charges. However, those are nothing compared to what their parents are going to do. I know the parents. Believe me, the kids would rather have jail.
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