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Spring is about renewal and new beginnings!

Ugh! If you go to my website,, you're not going to see my site. My host, for some reason, hasn't been automatically taking money off of my credit card for the past 6 months. I really haven't noticed until recently. My site has been up so I never bothered to check. So for now, my site is down. I am working on it. I plan to take care of things tonight after work. Right now, I'm working on a redesign, which I've wanted to do for some time. Now I have a nice reason. It will be kind of a fresh start. The old layout was done when I was a bit depressed, so it was bit dark. My new layout will be much brighter and playful.

Old darker site:

New brighter site:

But without a site host for now, I have no unique mood theme and my journal icon journal has no icons.
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