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It's hot, y'all!

It must have got up into the 90s. I know at noon it was 82, and the day kept getting hotter.

I drove my friend, S, to Forks today to pick up her new glasses. She had gone to JCPenneys with her prescription because they had a great sale of 2 pair for $129, including getting tints and bifocals. Hopefully, when I get enough saved I can get a deal like that. I have to pay for the doctor out of my pocket, so I have to save much more than what she spent there. If I can get them before fall, I'll be a very happy girl.

Not nearly as happy as a friend made me last night by buying me a permanent account. Thank you! *hugs*

I did spend a little money today. It's hard to go to JCPenneys and not check out the closeout section (60% off). I got a pair of jeans and a cute blouse for $17. I needed another pair of jeans. One of my favorite pairs are starting to fray and tear in some spots. I also needed to get a gift certificate for my sister, T. Her birthday is Sunday. I'm making her a card on my computer though. That way, I can personalize it.

I've made a vow not to play World of Warcra(ck)ft for one week. I found myself playing far too much and neglecting things that should not be neglected. My poor kitties. :( But I am a level 22 priest now. Tee hee.

I'm trying to learn the guitar. My dad bought me a cute pink guitar, but I had to promise to learn at least a few chords by July. My niece, M, is getting one to learn on, and he wants me to help her. It's been difficult. I can't afford lessons, so I'm trying to find all the free videos and sheet music I can get. I've figured out how to tune, and next I'm going to teach myself a few chords.I've already learned how to restring. I accidentally tightened the low E string too much and it came undone. Oops.

I have the pictures from the church reunion. I'm going to resize them and put them up later.

Well, buy for now. I need to nap.
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