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A mid morning post

I was up early today. 7:30 am to be precise. And I feel good. I had a very good sleep, falling asleep at around 10:30 pm or so. I was so wiped out from yesterday. I took a friend to Grand Forks, but her car decided to have trouble when we got there, so we had to wait for her son to come and get us and the car. It may be the fuel pump or regulator or some fuel thingy of a sort. It was hot out, so the wait was actually not very nice. Had a good meal at a real restaurant. I had a grilled reuben with a side salad. The reuben was so delicious. I'd literally never had one before, but my mom had one at Arby's last Sunday that looked good, so when I had a chance to have one I tried it. I don't know why I never tried one before. I like corned beef and I absolutely love sauerkraut, so having a combination of the two should be natural. Now I'll have to start making my own at home.

Actually, I had a good meal kind of day. I ate breakfast, which was only a banana, but since that is the near perfect fruit, it's all good. Then I had the reuben for lunch. Then for dinner I had sirloin steak, homestyle fries, corn, cheesy garlic toast, side salad and desert which was a piece of strawberry and pineapple cheesecake topped with whipped cream and pecans. Calories don't count when it's real food. :D

I finally bought a tent. I found one for $27 at Walmart. I had three things left to get. Now I have none left to get. My parent's have a sleeping bag I can bum off of them. And just this morning at a rummage sale I found a grill for $3. Weekend camping, here I come. Just not this weekend. Not next weekend either. Probably not until July. *sigh*

I also bought a dress at Walmart. And it is beautiful. I bought the color in the picture, but I also tried on the green version. The teal was just too beautiful to not buy. I also think it will be perfect for the upcoming church thingy I'm going to in a few weeks. I have a pair of heels I bought a few weeks ago that will be perfect for this dress. They are clear with glittery jelly straps and they only cost me $8.

BTW, it has been over 24 hours since I last played WoW.

I just now made plans to go on a picnic with my family tomorrow, weather permitting of course. It's been a long time since we've done that. I'll finally get to use my two year old bathing suit. Yay.

Gotta go. Bye.

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