Bobbi (roguechick) wrote,

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Right now, it is 68 degrees in Costa Rica

Why am I thinking of Costa Rica right now. Cause I wish I was there and my bosses were back here. One day I'll have saved some money for a nice tropical vacation.

Myself and another coworker have managed to keep the store from imploding while the bosses are away playing. I got home nearly an hour ago because I had to put together two inventory orders. It took me forever.

I need to order checks. I am down to three, and two of those are for credit card payments and the third is for ordering the checks. :P I guess I may scoot my way over to the bank today and get some blanks so I can at least go grocery shopping. I have a debit card, but I hate to use it. I always forget to write down what I spend using it.
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