November 5th, 2009


You never know what a person feels…

...until you have to go through the same fears.

Been watching the news today about the shooting at Fort Hood. My cousin and her family live there, as her husband is an MP. Normally, I would watch and feel sorrow for the families of the victim and even the shooters family. But I was always disconnected. No one I know has ever been involved or near any of these events.

But now I know. Seeing the fear that was coming through loud and clear on my cousin's facebook because her phone had died and she couldn't reach her husband and children. Not knowing where they were can crush a soul. Fortunately, my cousin was able to get through to her husband using facebook. They are all separated at this time. She's in an office building that is locked down, he's at home and both their children are locked down at school. The fears that were felt by myself and my family have lessened, but our sadness for the lives lost and injured are quite strong. I'm sure my cousin and husband knew at least one of the victims.

How heartbreaking this is.
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