January 18th, 2009

Evo rogue dancing


Well, my diet starts today.  I'm beginning with a detox, just fruits and vegetables.

So, now my fridge is full of fruits and vegies.  Apples, oranges, lettuce, cukes etc.  I spent over $60 for all that!  I'm actually eating grapefruit right now.  I love grapefruit, and I have never put sugar on it in my life.  Yuck.

Am going to drink more milk.  I bought a gallon of skim milk when I got the vegies and stuff.  I don't drink nearly enough, and with the history of osteoporosis in my family, I figure I better start.

I feel better today.  Still got a bit of a thud by my eye, so I think it's allergies bothering me.  I'll take something for it later.  The meds I have make me sleepy.

It's a beautiful day out.  Temps are at 22 above, which is so much better than the -30 and lower that we've had.  Felt good when I ran to the store.

There's a bottle of Pepsi on my desk.  Gah!
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