November 1st, 2007

Well Behaved Witch

Guess what I found out?

I can get internet at work! One of my coworkers found out with her laptop that we get a unprotected signal from a nearby business. :D Actually, there are several unprotected signals around the store. I don't know why I didn't try that with mine. Sometimes I have a brain meltdown. I found one here at home, but it's so weak that I can't connect to it. However, I step out in front of the building, oh boy! It's like the whole town is a hotspot. Too bad it's getting cold out. I could have sat outside playing on the net.

First day of NaNo. Nothing written. What a great start. :D

ETA: I got my new glasses a few weeks ago. They work like a charm. I've had my headaches cut down to maybe 2 in the past month. I've had to take some pain reliever the past few days, but that's only because of my injured, though much better, hand.

As for that hand, it's still a little stiff and sore in places, but the antibiotic really did it's stuff. It's still slightly puffy from the muscle damage, but the infection seems to be gone and it's no longer red and hot to the touch. I can at least do most everything I did with it before, like write. Yeah, it was my dominant hand that got infected. Doing all the accounting at work was a pain in the bum. I'm doing home brewed physical therapy with it so I don't have to go to actual pt. I squeeze a rubber ball, constantly make a fist and take a small rubber band for tension exercise. It pays to pay attention to the pt and his patients at the hospital.
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