July 31st, 2007

*heee* Dr. Who

Insert joke here.

Sometimes, an event takes place where one is very glad to have a camera on hand. I only hope the two deputies in the photo don't find out I posted this.

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Killing u by cute

My parents new kitten

This is what went down. My mom, aunt and I were looking at kittens at the county fair when my dad walked up. I jokingly went "Hi dad, mom's just trying to decide which kitten to bring home." He said if she brings one home, she'll (meaning mom) get booted out. Said with a smile of course and then he wandered off. A minute later, he came back and said she could get one if she wanted to. Whoa. Then my niece Mary came with her mom and dad and mom had Mary pick the kitten out. She is named Shortcake.

Pics of the kittenCollapse )