May 28th, 2007


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For two days straight, it was cloudy, cold and rainy up here. what a way to start the Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday was a break in that weather though. It was cloudless but not too hot nor too cold. Just that lovely in between temperature. It was a good day.

I'm thinking of from now on, making my journal and open journal again. I haven't heard nor seen the man from last year that bugged me. I don't think he will be coming back to town. He was actually cited last year for being a public nuisance. :D Apparently I wasn't the only one he was bothering.

My WoW addiction is not as bad as the first few days were. I actually pulled an all nighter at one point. Not again. I have a life outside of the computer. Besides, my priestess is now level 13. Woot!

I'm getting a new cell phone in the next month. I've been eyeing the LG AX8600. I've actually held it and played with it and love it. I want the green one to match my favorite purse. I think I'll be able to talk my parents into helping me pay for it. I can put up half right now.

I'm now saving some money to buy a Wii. I figure that once I save the full amount, they may be more readily available. The kick in the butt for me to begin saving is that this fall, a sequel to a game I loved on my Sega Saturn, Night into Dreams, is finally being released. It's called Night: Journey of Dreams. My brother in law showed me the preview in a gaming magazine and I recognized right away. Whee.

I don't have much else to talk about. See ya later.
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