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Taking a little break from NaNo

Let's see:

Minnesota Voters Send First Muslim to White Housel. I didn't vote for him. I don't live in district 5.

South Dakotans Vote No to Abortion Ban. They voted yes to ban gay marriage and no to allowing marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. Last week, as I drove through SD, I saw nothing but vote yes signs for the abortion law. I think it was too dangerous for women if this had passed. On a related note, 'Morning-after' pill available in drugstores next week

Dems Take House. *happy dance* Control of the Senate is very tight right now, though.

And for the lighter side:

Split Me, Baby, One More Time. Okay, who had their bets placed on November 7, 2006? And who here is totally surprised. I'm only surprised it lasted this long and two children came out of it.

*EDIT* How could I miss this:

Rumsfeld Out, Some Other Guy In.

Another EDIT

K-Fed Apparently got texted the marriage was over and it may have got caught on video:

Now that is a burn.

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