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Kinky Shirley

I love the non alcoholic drink Shirley Temple, but recently discovered Kinky liqueur. Decided to mix the two.

1 1/2 oz Kinky Pink
Lemon Lime soda
Splash of Grenadine

Fill a 10 oz glass with ice. Pour in 1 1/2 oz Kinky Pink, fill with lemon lime soda, then add a splash of grenadine. Top with a cherry if you have them on hand.


Shirley isn't so innocent anymore. ;)

All Apologies

I apologize for my long absence. Honestly, I just didn't care to update my journal. I'm more active on the Twitter, and I like how I don't have to write out too much.

I let my domain name expire, which means I no longer have a wordpress blog at this time. I seldom use the roguechick moniker now days. I felt that I outgrew it. I have no intentions to change it for my lj, and I still use it for my email, but I thought it was time to move on.

I should have written about this back in June 2013, but I finally got to see Christian wrestle in person. I had bought tickets when I heard WWE was going to be in Fargo again. He had been out of action due to shoulder surgery, and hadn't been back yet when I bought the tickets. It was pure luck that he returned about 2 weeks before the event. It was AWESOME! He tagged with Daniel Bryan against The Shield. It was so nice to see wrestling. I got a ton of pictures from the event which can be seen at my flickr.

Just before that event, my cousin moved in with me. It was supposed to be for just a few months, but she ended up staying for a year and a half. It got frustrating. She seldom helped out around the house, and managed to go through 4 jobs in that time. She moved out just before Xmas. She's now 3 hours away, and it's been blissful around here.

My parents cat Sox passed away in 2013. He was 20 years old. Here's one of the last photos we took of the best cat to ever live.
 photo tumblr_mojtqtk8qO1rwah1so2_250_zps6b103ef3.jpg

I was fortunate enough to be with him when he passed. I miss him lots.

Work is going well, though we have had some employee issues. Sadly, I think one is on drugs. I don't know what drugs, but it doesn't sound like marijuana. It's sad that she has fallen into such a thing. She's really nice. Drugs suck.

I had to stop yoga. I hurt my arm really bad, and it took months for it to heal to the point that I could put weight on it. I have every intention to start it up again soon.

Well, that's all I have for now. I should look back on my Twitter to refresh my memory. TTYL!
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Changing my life

Well, starting today I'm making a change in my life. I'm sick of being overweight. I'm sick of being tired all the time. I'm sick of having little to no energy.

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Links to my TNA House Show photos

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Christian with one of his cats

Went to a TNA house show on Sunday

It was my first time to a TNA show. To be quite honest, I don't get to watch their product very often due to my work schedule and the fact that I don't have cable. However, I've had the pleasure of watching several of their ppvs and have been impressed with the quality of the wrestling. You heard me. I like the wrestling. Gasp! I was never big on story lines in wrestling, but if the wrestling is good I'm game.

The event I went to was in Grand Forks, ND, which is about a half hour drive from where I live. I went with my mom, sister, my sister's boyfriend and my two nieces. My oldest niece, Jackie, is a huge Jeff Hardy fan, so there was no way she would allow us not to go to the show. This wasn't the wrestling event for five of us, but it was my other niece, Mary's first time. I've been to an AWA show way back in 1988 (The Midnight Rockers were supposed to be there, but WWF poached them about a week before the show), and then earlier this year we went to a WWE show in Fargo. Now, here's the shocker. I had more fun at the TNA show than at the WWE show. I chalk it up to TNA being in a smaller venue, which caused a nice intimacy between the fans and the wrestlers. Don't get me wrong. I loved seeing the WWE in person, even though my favorite, Christian, wasn't there. He was still out with that damn ankle injury. But I also had the cheap seats there, so the action was far away. At TNA, I was only 11 rows back from the ring. Good seats really make a difference.

My nieces really had a good time. My younger niece was the first of us to get a hand slap from a wrestler. She got one from ODB. Then everyone but my mom and I got one from James Storm, which made my mom just a bit sad since he's her favorite. But she got a smile from him at the end of that match, so she was happy. They also got hand slaps from AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy. I was the unlucky one. I kept missing them.

Well, like I said it was great fun, but we were sure we wouldn't get to meet any of the wrestlers. We didn't pay for the VIP tickets, and of course we had to get the kids home to go to bed since there was school the next day. We were just a little bit wrong. After the main event, which was Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries, they allowed groups to pose with Jeff and his title. In the ring. It cost $20, but it was oh so worth it. We all got to shake hands with Jeff and pose for a photo. Jackie, who never willingly takes pictures, was excited for that even. Mary got to hold the title. Mom didn't take part because she knew there was no way she would make it through the ring ropes. She battled an illness about 8 years ago that paralyzed her for several months, and her legs have never been the same since, so since we didn't want any of us injured, she stayed with our seats and stuff. Jeff was truly nice. Very soft spoken. All of us girls were shaking like leaves, while my sister's boyfriend seemed all nonchalant about the interaction. After that was done, we received our photo, went to find mom and took off. As we were walking though the hall headed to the doors, Mary began to cry. They were tears of joy. Jackie held her, and she began to cry too.

I'm so happy that Jackie got to meet Jeff. She absolutely adores him. I think I figured out why. He's marches to the beat of his own drummer, as does my niece. I believe she finds him to be a kindred spirit. I'm glad he gave her an awesome memory. Hopefully one day I

Photos will be going up soon. Still sorting them out.

Christian with one of his cats

It's been a long time

Hello! I know it's been about 7 months since my last post. Not much has gone on this year, which could actually be considered a good thing.

Woke up with a splitting headache this morning. Really was a doozy, since it pretty much kept me in bed until about 5 pm. Just brutal. Managed to get up to go to work, and have begun to feel a little better, though there is still a bit of a throbbing in my left temple.

Still into wrestling. Don't know why it's kept a stranglehold on me. I guess it may just be the little girl in me who fell for the business back in the mid eighties. Still big on Christian. We went to the WWE live event back in January. It was fun, even with Christian not being there (he was out with a severe high ankle sprain and torn ligaments). I actually stopped watching most of the shows because he was out. Would watch the ppvs just in case he came back. He finally returned full time in May, so all is good in my wrestling world.

Done a bit of camping this summer. I've gone 3 times, and will be going again this weekend. It will probably my last camp of the season, but at least I got to go and relax those few times.

I'm real proud of my niece. She got her first job. She's doing housekeeping part time at the motel here in town. She's really happy to making some of her own money, as are her parents. She's already bought a few clothing items for school with her first paycheck. The little goth in me covets an awesome spider web blouse she bought. I can't wait to see her wear it.

I've managed to hit just a few rummage sales this summer. Went one day to Grand Forks with my sister and mom. I hit the jackpot at one. Found a gazelle exerciser and a yoga mat. Cost me $17. Then went to another one and found a pair of framed prints in excellent condition. Original sticker was still on them. They were originally $120 and I got them for $20. They look great in my living room.

Sadly, my parents 3 year old cat, Patches, passed away last month from cancer. She was a lovely little thing and we miss here.

Well, talk to you all again real soon. Bye.
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Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Another winter, another cold that I can't shake. Bronchitis has hit me again because of this damn cold. I cough like a smoker and can't get a decent nights sleep without the help of nighttime medicines. The air is so dry too, that I wake up completely stuffed and with my mouth and throat feeling like it's lined with cotton balls. I even have a little humidifier near my bed and keep a 32 oz jug of water next to my bed. UGH!

Had a pretty good Christmas. It was a brown Christmas, but good anyway. We didn't get any real snow that stuck around until late last week. Funny how weather can be. New Years was uneventful, which is just the way I like it.

Got the tickets to the WWE Live Tour. Cost me a fortune, but I'm okay with it. Just hoping the weather is good. Going to make sure I have plenty of money in my checking account just in case we need a motel room if the weather gets bad.

I'm thinking of getting Dish Network or DirectTV in the near future. My parents have Dish Network and are quite happy with it. I'd only have one TV, so I don't need to worry about additional boxes or anything. I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe this spring.

Not much more to write about. TTYL.
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I wish I could fly away

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Again I have failed to update this blog as frequently as I would like to do. I guess when one leads a life with little drama, things to write about become quite lacking.

Thanksgiving went well. I was originally scheduled to work, but ended up not having to. Very nice. I'm not scheduled for Christmas either, so I'm a happy camper.

I'm going Christmas shopping on Friday. I don't think I'm going to be spending much that day, since it's just before payday. I need to save money because...

...I'm ordering tickets to a WWE show in Fargo. I've got to order 6 tickets, so I have to save my money. Fortunately, three of the six of us will be paying me back and we're content to live in the cheap seats, so that's all good. Just figured it would be easier to charge the tickets to one card. This will be the first live WWE show I and the others have ever been to. My fave, Christian, is scheduled for the card, but things can change. Just got to keep my fingers crossed.

Spent all weekend trying to clean my apartment. So far, I have this desire to just take a match to at least my bedroom. Who knows whats lurking under my bed and in my closet.

In quite possibly the best thing I've bought this year, I got myself a PS3. I love it, and it seems to have paid for itself quickly, since I tend to use it more as a DVD player and for Netflix streaming. I game on it too. Bought several used games when I picked it up. I have bought just one new game, but it has yet to arrive from Amazon. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.

Chose not to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I feel creatively drained lately, so I'm giving that part of my brain a rest this year. I'm quite honestly planning to complete and edit a story or two in the coming year and see if I feel they are worth putting up somewhere. I'd even consider publishing for the Kindle. I've seen that work for a few people, and I think it would be kind of fun. Who knows.

Well, I'm off. Hopefully I will start blogging more heavily again. I don't ever want to see this blog die.
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