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15 November 2010 @ 12:07 am
Utter Fail!  
I was so writer's blocked Friday that I just had to give up for that day. Got maybe 1000 words written. *sigh*

Since I've never linked it before here is my NaNoWriMo profile.

Today, I had a long shift at work and managed to squeeze out over 2,000 words, so yay. Still at least 10000 words behind, but not too bad.

14195 / 50000

Not giving up yet though. Friday night, after I gave up for the day, I sat in bed with a notebook and began making an itty bitty outline of how I wanted the story to go. I would have tried out that outline on Saturday, but I had to take my grandma shopping, which turned out to be a shopping day of hell. Oh yeah. My favorite niece hates me now. It actually got me majorly down when that happened. No way was I going to write then.

Today there was hope on the writing front. I opened the notebook to the outline (which really isn't an outline, just a bunch of ideas scattered but, eh)and looked at the first thing I had written down. I sat, thought some, and then, words flowed. It was so awesome!

Got rid of my six foot Christmas tree. I offered it to my parents and they took it. They even already put it up. lol But it's nice. They recently repainted the family/living room, so it's all nice and fresh. They went from a trendy 10 years ago blue to a very sophisticated taupe, with an accent wall that is a shade of pink, but not an in your face pink. When I saw that one wet, it gave me a nervous tic because it was Pepto Bismal pink when wet (which apparently scared my dad too), but when it dried and cured it darkened a lot. It looks really nice.

This Friday, I intend to make lefse. I'm going to try a new recipe using potato flakes instead of fresh potatoes. I really hate peeling, and I need to find something that is easier. I even invested in a lefse griddle, which nicely enough came with some recipes, including the one I'm going to try. I have brought it up with various relatives and friends and they find nothing wrong with trying it. If I don't like it, well, off I will go to the store and buy russets.
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