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24 March 2008 @ 11:59 am
Spring is about renewal and new beginnings!  
Ugh! If you go to my website, http://roguechick.com, you're not going to see my site. My host, for some reason, hasn't been automatically taking money off of my credit card for the past 6 months. I really haven't noticed until recently. My site has been up so I never bothered to check. So for now, my site is down. I am working on it. I plan to take care of things tonight after work. Right now, I'm working on a redesign, which I've wanted to do for some time. Now I have a nice reason. It will be kind of a fresh start. The old layout was done when I was a bit depressed, so it was bit dark. My new layout will be much brighter and playful.

Old darker site:

New brighter site:

But without a site host for now, I have no unique mood theme and my journal icon journal has no icons.
Current Mood: busybusy